'Mese is your destination for your tasty Vietnamese products.

Who is 'Mese?

It's the story of three friends with Vietnamese origins, born in the West, who love to eat, entertain and spend good times with those around them.

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What matters to us

Eat well. Drink well. Discover.

This is our motto and we want to share our art of living with you.

We like to do things well and receive well.

We are looking to find YOU products:

- from VIETNAMESE sources

- quality

- DIFFERENT from what you know

And we don’t want to lie, to make you a little (a lot) addicted to all this!

Why 'Mese?

WHAT'S the point of loving to eat and not being able to share?

(Vietna) 'Mese is our way of introducing and making accessible Vietnamese culinary secrets to our whole gang.